Mission and Objectives

To establish an empowered civil society consisting of free  and equal citizens, who could solve their problems find  solutions by sitting together for common cause and work to benefit and empower the least advantaged sections of the society, and to empower deprived & disadvantage for social & Economic change.
Aims & Objective  

To achieve economic self-sufficiency ,higher awareness levels and action through concentration on social ,economic and legal mode.
To provide quality services through participatory development process.
To promote Multi - disciplinary operation research , trainings , communication and action projects that ultimatly benefit the common people.
Communication intervention for penetration of development programms into the common man's life.
Building capacity of locally created institutions /local capabilities to achive well being in terms of health, education ,water sanitation and gender equal relations.
To increase the socio-economic status of the poorest & the most backward ,women & children and improve the quality of life in rural and urban areas / locations .
To set up an institution for promotion of Education ,Technical Educations,Skill Development Training 's, Human Resource Development and management study.
Providing support to disadvantaged groups of people to link them with mainstream of development.
Strengthening sustainable livelihoods of village communities.
Piloting the activities for scale - up and wider application and benefits ,advocacy & contributing to policy planning .
Providing Human Resource Development Support and Consultancy Support aimed for socio-economic development,Information and Communication Technology (ICT)and infrastructural development for deprived and disadvantaged.