Water and Sanitation Project and Health

The Institution has been pioneer to School Health & Sanitation Project in the State .The Project was supported by UNICEF and Rajasthan Council of Primary Education, GOR.Initially,the project was taken up in 02 districts of state namely Alwar & Tonk.After the successful outcome ,the project has been sacled to all the 32 districts of the state covering all the elementry schools.

CDECS was involved as facilitating and monitoring agency in the School Health & Sanitation Programme in each of the two districts and had also stake at state level.CDECS has been involved for more than 4 years. The key milestones of the organization involvement under the programme are stated as under.

  Well established system for programme implementation.
  Active role in preparation of 4-days-teachers-training module.
  Educating children and teachers on Natural Resource Management
  Formulated training module for Sanitation scouts.
  Monitoring and Follow-Ups.
  Publication of newsletter titled "Swachtta Ri Baat" and "Swacch Alwar" (Hindi and English edition as per need).
  Strong inbuilt monitoring mechanism.
  The Ventillated Improved Pit Latrine (VIP toilets)continuously in use in the villages of Malpura Block of Tonk district.
  The Low cost toilets constructed under IWES and TSC are in use in majority of the project villages.
  The users Group and decentralized hand pump management are still in operation in villages.
  The efforts of the CDECS under Water & Sanitation projects have been covered by local media and doordarshan.
  The success story of water & sanitation project has been published in the book written by Maggie Black & Rupport Talbot titled 'WATER A MATTER OF LIFE AND HEALTH' published by oxford press .The Book was forwarded by Dr.M.S. Swaminathan.