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We are pleased to share our progress & achievements happened during couple of years. It is right time for our retrospection in order to improve our actions, initiatives and commitments. The whole purpose of ours in the field of development  atcontributing and sharing the responsibility for catalyzing the process of unfolding the various development programmes and schemes and putting forward the priority and need of the people and area.

In these years the major interventions of the organization is towards trainings, research, monitoring, evaluations and executions of various development programmes related to socio-economic, infrastructure and natural resource management. 

During the years CDECS has been appointed by Department of education, Ministry of Human resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi to work as Monitoring Institute for SarvaShiksha Abhiyan, Mid Meal Programme& Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) to cover 09 districts of Rajasthan, 16 districts of Maharashtra and 02 district of Goa States. It is my privilege to mention that the reports has added value in the states in improving their inputs, processes and outcomes.

The training team of CDECS has contributed in various training related to Health, Nutrition, education, SHGs & community level including SMCs etc. which has contributed positively in improving the programmes and performances.

Research, Monitoring, Assessment & evaluations are the core area CDECS which has contributed qualitatively in the field of rural development, poverty alleviations, education, forest, water & sanitation and health sectors etc.  In September, 2014 we have been associated with Mid Term Evaluation of JICA assisted Rajasthan Forestry & Biodiversity project, Government of Rajasthan.

We are very much grateful to all our well-wishers, donors, supporters, friends, staffs, community and target beneficiaries who have contributed directly and indirectly in our endeavor. We wish their support and cooperation time and again in order to excel in our initiatives, actions and the journey so far very successfully.  

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“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”

 Mahatma Gandhi