CDECS is a name for catalytic action to the development initiatives in real sense. The whole effort of the organization is to initiate and facilitate an alternative view to this decade of development paradigm. The organization in its journey over the years has always strived to streamline and strengthen capsules of development for deprived and disadvantaged sections. Every step of action in the organization is focused and analyzed in the domain and benefits to the common man in order to develop faith, trust, confidence, strength and strong belief in them.

CDECS is a Value based development organization conceived and initiated by academicians, grass roots experts, ex-government think tank & development professionals. They have been mentoring organizations & contributing to the field of development through their knowledge, skill, and expertise at State & National level for over one and a half decade. 

Institutionally, we believe in providing solutions and services to the socio-economic sectors which will enable them to grow and develop in a sustainable manner. We feel that our forte lies in empowering our partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries in creating and implementing solutions that will not only give them long-term benefits but also help in maximizing quality and effective functioning. Thus, we continuously strive to ensure quality, timeliness and change through our range of services & expertise. We put the ‘people’ into the focus while drawing & designing solutions and strategies.  

Upon this, and bearing in mind the kind of expertise & kind of services we offer, our purpose is to set in the doable strategies which would be helpful and compatible for the people, area and governance. This would be of great help and sensitiveness for the social cause of the deprived and the underprivileged. We always try to provide enough to develop capacities of our partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries associated to our principals everywhere and every time they need.

As an organization we invest in ourselves so that we can offer cutting-edge products to beneficiaries, stakeholders and partners with which we work for. This is important to us as we want to foster long term relationship and look for better processes and outcome which definitely have longer sustainability and utility for larger number of people and would also help in developing stronger bond & relationship. 

CDECS a name for catalyzing the development intervention in the development sector specially the socio-economic development sector to facilitate real development.

Organizationally, we focus on Training, Research, & Development Intervention in socio-economic and Infrastructure development to support better Management in the endeavor. 

Our ideology revolves around building sustainable models within the social sector and rural development those delivery critical services efficiently and equitably to underserved communities.

It is our belief that in a globalize world for any social activity to be effective the involvement and contribution of all stakeholders direct or indirect plays an important role in making it responsive, responsible and sustainable for the communities in question. In this effort we work together with Governments, Communities, Corporate and Civil society institutions to channelise their collective resources – financial, technical and human – into creating new approaches to solve widespread poverty-related issues across the country to make the most efficient and equitable use of every rupee spent in the sector.

There has been proven in our journey since 1996 from Trainings, Research & Development interventions to have greater partnerships which would helped to create sustainable, affordable solutions to pretty lingered development problems of the society in the State: ensuring the Rights of a Child, Gender Development, Environment protection, Land & Water conservation, RTE Act, Health & RCH, HIV/AIDS, Women development, Sustainable Livelihoods opportunities for the underserved and Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation to rural households.

CDECS has experience of working in 33 districts of Rajasthan in trainings, research & development interventions. In addition, we have experience of working in other states too in the areas of Trainings, Researches namely, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Goa, Jharkahnd, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odissa, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra through touching the lives of over 1.2 lac people.

CDECS has wide experience of Monitoring & Evaluation (Baseline, Mid-term & end line) in Land development, afforestation, Integrated Watershed Management Programme, CDP, DDP and Haryali in which the major emphasis was given on land development, afforestation, rain water conservation through various structures in varied zone of Rajasthan i.e. Tanks, Anicut, DLT, contour bunding, Gabion structures, Biodiversity conservations, sand dunes stabilizations, silvipastoral plantation, fuel wood plantation, fruit tree plantation, pastureland development etc. were the key interventions.

Organizationally we have been associated with evaluation of Forest department projects of social forestry, afforestation, sand dunes stabilization under DDP, CDP and Haryali projects in various parts of Rajasthan.

We have working with State Government, Government of India, UNICEF, WaterAID India and UNFPA in various districts of the country including Rajasthan too. Our efforts have of monitoring and evaluations have been appreciated by various agencies at various fronts.