Gram Shakti Project

Organization and Training of Sheep Rearers under Common Facility Centre (CFC) Approach:

CDECS has been involved with a unique project entitled “Organization and Training of Sheep Rearers under Common Facility Centre (CFC) Approach” with support from RUDA. The work of organizing and federating SHG’s of sheep Rearers had been completed. The federation of 200 sheep Rearers from 10 villages is now working towards Common Facility Centre (CFC). Now the CFC has been established and community people are working through federation of 10 SHG’s.

Key Milestones

  Decentralized management of the project initiatives by the local colour including local colour and flavour
  Organization of Sheep Rearers into SHGs for the time
  SHGs were operated as credit and thrift group
  Laid down rules and regulation for SHG’s and operating the activities at Group level including opening and operation of bank account in the local bank
  Inter-loaning within the group
  Training were imparted on scientific shearing and grading in collaboration with CSWRI Bikaner
  Each SHGs have their own bank account operated by 3 officials, namely President, Secretary and Treasurer
  Formation of Federation of SHGs of sheep rearers and getting is registered
  The Federation at the project level look after the welfare and development of sheep reaers including contacting markets, common shearing and grading of wools, developing linkage ith banks and government department
  Appropriate initiatives for drought prone area specially for sheep reaers
  The SHGs at village level and Federation at project level added value to other development intervention and the need of the villagers beyond sheep rearers

Addressing issue of Livestock & Animal care

The state of Rajasthan were facing recurrent drought. The worst suffers were small animals, cows and stray animals. CDECS have been involved in addressing the issues of animals during draught by following ways,

  Organizing cattle camps.
  Sale of cattle feed at subsidized rates.
  Arrangement of water for animals.
  Taking issue to Animal welfare board and district administration .
  Provide integrated services (fodder, water and medical care) free of charge/nominal charge for people having affordability.