Addressing the issue of Elementry Education

Despite of the fact that there has been sharp improvement in the literacy rates in the State of Rajasthan as compared to 1990’s, still there are large numbers of children in the age group of 6-14 years are out of school. The reasons either they are not enrolled or dropout. The situation of girls’ children who are out of school counts more than boys. We have been involved in the bringing the most deprived and disadvantaged children specially the girl children to schools through Shiksha Mitra Kendras (community based education to disadvantaged children. We have taken up 23 such Kendra in Tonk district and urban slumas of Jaipur where more than 530 children were enrolled. In addition we are in process of expanding the horizon for enrolling the children to school and completing at least the Elementry education.

We more believe in ‘facilitating society in the formation of an egalitarian, vibrant, progressive and enlightened society by contributing in the setting of system of gender sensitive and quality education and overall development for all children'.

The organization thus promoting child centered education & facilitating educationally productive schooling of deprived children by arranging adequate environment.

A large mass of children from the deprived strata's that were unschooled, have benefited in the Malpura and Newai Block of Tonk district through developing a habit of going to school through Shiksha Mitra Kendras and finally enrolling them into the formal school. The major thrust was on evolving a community based system of education in which the role of every men and women is pivotal and are actively participating in the whole process of education.


We were also involve in research study and evaluation related to Elementry education with DPEP/SSA (World Bank assisted programmes with Government of Rajasthan) aimed at strengthening the system of quality education, developing need based training programmes, developing child centered education infrastructures. The whole efforts were towards developing innovative academic and pedagogic practices for building and enhancing children's capacity.

The core areas of intervention includes
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Improve in teaching learning environment.
Addressing the issue of Elementry Education.
Enrolmentof children deprived from school.
Parenting and care.
Addressing the pre-school children.
Helping to develop a contextual learning environment
Quality learning.
Leanings is linked with applications.
Facilitate educational inputs in infrastructure.
Shift from what to learn to how to learn.
Gender sensitive .